New Frontiers in Graph Learning Workshop – NeurIPS
Nedelina Teneva, Estevam Hruschka
Despite the recent popularity of knowledge graph (KG) related tasks and benchmarks such as KG embeddings, link prediction, entity alignment and evaluation of the reasoning abilities of pretrained language models as KGs, the structure and properties of real KGs are not well studied. In this paper, we perform a large scale comparative study of 29 real KG datasets from diverse domains such as the natural sciences, medicine, and NLP to analyze their properties and structural patterns. Based on our findings, we make several recommendations regarding KG-based model development and evaluation. We believe that the rich structural information contained in KGs can benefit the development of better KG models across fields and we hope this study will contribute to breaking the existing data silos between different areas of research (e.g., ML, NLP, AI for sciences).