Experiential Analytics
+ Data Management

We empower people with better information
to make their best decisions.

Research Areas

Knowledge Representation & Reasoning

Our vision is to investigate, innovate, propose, and build symbiotic systems that mutually exploit language models (LM) and knowledge graphs (KG) in a continuous and (semi-) automated learning paradigm to address current challenges.

AI for Data Management

We utilize large language models in novel settings for finding table representations to discover datasets in data lakes, data augmentation techniques for data management tasks, and different declarative explanation approaches for data integration tasks.

Human Centered AI

Our recent work includes an exploratory programmable annotation framework geared toward NLP researchers, tools to support exploration of text and knowledge graphs for subject-matter experts, and tools for tracking and planning model development for product managers.

Natural Language Processing

We continually aim to boost NLP capabilities by defining new architectures, using hybrid neuro-symbolic paradigms, and exploring domain-specific characteristics that positively impact the quality, consistency, fairness, and truthfulness of our solutions on HR and related domains.

Helping Users Make Everyday Decisions

Since 2016, Megagon Labs (formerly Recruit Institute of Technology) has conducted top-notch research and built technologies in Mountain View and Tokyo.  We are making impacts through the worldwide services and products of the Recruit Group by empowering people to make their best decision.  Our research focuses are in the broad areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, and Natural Language Processing.


We’re always hiring for the following positions.
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Research Scientist

Participate in cutting edge research in Data Management and Integration, ML, NLP, Knowledge Representation, and Visualization.

Research Engineer

Develop solutions for the real world, working with algorithms, large-scale data processing and research problems on a daily basis.

Technical Product Manager

Work closely with research and engineering teams to bridge the gap in transforming NLP research results into products.


We invite undergraduate and graduate students to apply for research and engineering internships year-round. 

Our Team

We are building a team of research scientists and engineers working on exciting projects
to make impact on our products and the world. Check out our teams!

Aaron Feng

Research Engineer
Nikita Bhutani
Research Manager, Sr. Research Scientist

Keiichiro Maeda

Executive Manager

Yuta Yamashita

Product Manager

Chen Shen

Senior Research Engineer

Natalie Nuno

Digital Content Specialist

Kaoru Tanaka

Research Engineer

Takuya Makino

Research Scientist

Kumiko Roque

Accounting Manager

Hidekazu Tamaki

Product Manager

Makiko Shiino

Head of Operations

Ryo Yoneda

Research Engineer

Hayate Iso

Research Scientist

Hongjie Shi

Research Engineer

Shilpa Sindhwani

HR Generalist

james levine

Head of Product

hannah kim

Research Scientist

Hiroshi Matsuda

Research Scientist

VARga istvan

Research Engineer

eser Kandogan

Principal Research Engineer

Mami Egawa

Group Manager

Jin wang

Research Lead, Research Scientist

risa kawamaru

Office Manager

Sajjadur rahman

Senior Research Scientist

Aiden Zhao

Research Engineer


Research Engineer

Ayana Niwa

Research Scientist

Dan Zhang

Research Manager, Senior Research Engineer

Shingo Kato

Technical Program Manager

Rafael Li Chen

Full Stack Software Engineer


Senior Data Scientist

Estevam Hruschka

Lab Director, Staff Research Scientist

Nedelina teneva

Research Scientist


Research Engineer

Chunpeng ma

Research Engineer

Nobuko Cooper

Office Assistant

Naoki Otani

Research Scientist

Tanmay Laud

Research Engineer

Kunihito Iioka

Product Manager

Pouya Pezeshkpour

Research Scientist

Sairam Gurajada

Senior Research Scientist

Seiji Maekawa

Research Associate

Kushan Mitra

Research Engineer

YanLin Feng

Research Engineer