Megagon Labs invites undergraduate and graduate students to apply for research and engineering internships. We are looking for students who are motivated to solve real-world problems at scale in Data Management, Data Integration, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Human-Computer Interaction, and Intelligent Visual Analytics. 

Interns at Megagon Labs will focus on high impact projects as team members, participating in cutting edge research for real-world and large scale problems, and will be mentored by research scientists at Megagon Labs.

Visa sponsorship is available.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree in Computer Science or a related technical field.

  • Experience in one or more areas of Computer Science, such as Data Management, Data Integration, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Neural Networks, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Software Engineering, Programming Languages or similar.

  • Proficiency in one or more programming languages including C/C++, Java, Python or Javascript to rapidly turn research ideas into software prototypes.

  • Available to work full time for 12 weeks during the summer

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Ability to design and execute a research agenda.

  • Contribution to research communities and/or efforts, including publishing papers (i.e. being listed as author) in major conferences or journals.

  • Returning to a degree program after completion of the internship.




Ting-Yao Hsu  ( Penn State Univ., PhD. Program)

Tianyu Jiang (Univ. of Utah, PhD. Program)

Zafeiria Moumoulidou (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, Ph.D. Program)

Yutong Shao (Univ. of California, San Diego, PhD. Program)

Runhui Wang (Rutgers Univ., PhD. Program)

Huayi Zhang (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, PhD. Program)


Shabnam Behzad (Georgetown Univ., PhD Program)

Dongjin Choi (Georgia Institute of Technology, PhD Program)

Akhil Dixit (UC Santa Cruz, PhD Program)

Peter Griggs (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Chieh-Yang Huang (Penn State Univ., PhD Program)

Hayate Iso (NARA Institute of Science and Technology, PhD Program)

Zhengjie Miao (Duke Univ., PhD Program)


Nofar Carmeli (Israel Institute of Technology, PhD Program)

Wataru Hirota (Osaka Univ., MS | currently Megagon Labs)

Chang Ge (Univ. of Waterloo, PhD Program)

Zhengjie Miao (Duke Univ., PhD Program)

Aaron Traylor (Brown Univ., PhD Program)

Xiong Zhang (Univ. of Rochester, PhD Program)

Dan Zhang (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, PhD Program)


Nikita Bhutani (Univ. of Michigan, PhD | currently Megagon Labs)

Sainyam Golhotra (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, PhD Program)

Danni Ma (Univ. of Pennsylvania, PhD Program)

Saran Mumick (Univ. of Pennsylvania) 

Shoetsu Sato (Univ. of Tokyo, PhD Program)


Akari Asasi (Univ. of Tokyo | currently Univ. of Washington PhD program)

Reihane Boghrati (Univ. of Southern California, PhD)

Sara Evensen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS | currently Megagon Labs)

Dan Iter (Stanford Univ., PhD Program)

Shereen Oraby (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz, PhD Program)

Noujan Pashanasangi (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz, PhD Program)

Daniel Perez (Univ. of Tokyo, MS | currently Imperial College London, PhD Program)

Taikai Takeda (Waseda Univ. | currently Indeed)

Xiaolan Wang (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, PhD | currently Megagon Labs)

Yinzhen Xu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Takuo Hamaguchi (NARA Institute of Science and Technology, PhD | currently The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)

Atsunobu Kotani (Brown University)

Shintaro Shiba (Univ. of Tokyo, MS | currently Toyota Research Institute Advanced Technology)

Lexing Tong (Univ. of California, Berkeley | currently Google)