Hidekazu Oiwa, Yoshihiko Suhara, Jiyu Komiya, Andrei Lopatenko
Entity population, a task of collecting entities that belong to a particular category, has attracted attention from vertical domains. There is still a high demand for creating entity dictionaries in vertical domains, which are not covered by existing knowledge bases. We develop a lightweight front-end tool for facilitating interactive entity population. We implement key components necessary for effective interactive entity population: 1) GUI-based dashboards to quickly modify an entity dictionary, and 2) entity highlighting on documents for quickly viewing the current progress. We aim to reduce user cost from beginning to end, including package installation and maintenance. The implementation enables users to use this tool on their web browsers without any additional packages — users can focus on their missions to create entity dictionaries. Moreover, an entity expansion module is implemented as external APIs. This design makes it easy to continuously improve interactive entity population pipelines. We are making our demo publicly available (http://bit.ly/luwak-demo).