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To push the boundaries of text editing with LLMs, we introduce XATU—a new text editing
May 16, 2024
Instead of completely replacing human annotators with LLMs, we need to leverage the strengths of
May 7, 2024
We introduce our human-LLM collaborative annotation tool, MEGAnno+, addressing the challenges in LLM annotation by
March 14, 2024
We discuss how to leverage LLMs as data annotation agents and the practical challenges that
March 13, 2024
In the realm of text generation and summarization, the evaluation of generated summaries, especially for
March 12, 2024
Aiden is a Research Engineer at Megagon Labs. He is passionate about developing, deploying, and
March 7, 2024
This blog post will peel back the layers of our KG building and learning platform,
January 9, 2024
We’d like to reflect on our collaborations and accomplishments as we wrap up the year.
December 27, 2023
We introduced new metrics to measure factual knowledge in LLMs, addressing the limitations of existing
December 12, 2023
We measured and analyzed various KG properties and described common/distinct structural patterns we observed in
December 11, 2023