Megagon Labs Wins Award at Recruit Engine Forum for Work on OpineDB!

Eser Kandogan presents OpineDB at the Recruit Engine Forum

We’re honored and excited to announce that OpineDB, our novel subjective database system, has been awarded as a finalist of the Recruit Engine Forum! Megagon Labs would like to thank Recruit for the amazing acknowledgment, our team for their hard work, and the global data research community — we couldn’t have done this without you.

The Recruit Engine Forum

Since 2015, Recruit has held FORUM, an in-house competition that accelerates new value creation through the sharing of specialized knowledge across four categories: technology, business development, business management, and client relationships. Thousands of Recruit team members submit their projects each year. But internal and external expert judges only award a few candidates as finalists.

The finalists usually get to give a presentation and hold a panel discussion at the main FORUM event in Tokyo. Unfortunately, this year’s conference became a full-fledged virtual event due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this setback, more than 140 attendees tuned in to listen to our OpineDB presentation.

Wang-Chiew Tan discusses technical details of OpineDB

During our OpineDB session, Wang-Chiew Tan, our Head of Research, and Eser Kandogan, our Head of Engineering, discussed the technical details of this new system. They also hosted an in-depth Q&A, with topics ranging from natural language processing (NLP) technologies to database management systems. The response we received for OpineDB was warm, positive, and inspiring!

Improving the Way People Search for Information

What information do you consider when you want to purchase a product, book a hotel, search for a job, or find a restaurant? It’s relatively easy to discover factual data about a product or service, such as price and location. But what if you want to dig deeper — what if you want insight into others’ experiences?

User review data contains a wealth of subjective and experiential information. It can often be the most insightful factor for many of life’s decisions. Unfortunately, it’s usually unstructured and burdened by an immense volume. This makes it difficult to identify and extract the most valuable information.

140 people attended the deep dive session of OpineDB with Megagon Labs

To solve this problem, Megagon Labs built OpineDB. This subjective database system can distill, accumulate, and search for information in large volumes of natural text sources. We previously took a deep-dive into how OpineDB works with two blog posts. Check them out below:

Unlocking Real Value from User Reviews With Subjective Data and Experiential Search — Part 1

Unlocking Real Value from User Reviews With Subjective Data and Experiential Search — Part 2

Unprecedented Potential for Business Opportunities

Data is the gold of the digital era. Those who leverage control of its flow unlock incredible value. OpineDB represents a promising step towards making this ability more of a reality than ever before.

Thanks to the latest developments in NLP and machine learning, this highly innovative technology is now practical to deploy. OpineDB can radically expand our assets, unlock new data-matching capabilities, and provide incomparable insights for our users. These profound benefits enable Recruit to set a new precedent for the way we interact with information and create novel business opportunities that could impact the world in unparalleled ways.

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Written by Megagon Labs


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