ExtremeReader: an interactive explorer for customizable and explainable review summarization

The rise of e-commerce has spurred extensive growth in the volume of user reviews. Consequently, review summarization systems have become a necessity.

But existing summarization systems suffer from two significant limitations: 1) They only provide static summaries that cannot be tailored to specific user needs. 2) They do not explain or let users explore crucial aspects of the generated summary.

We developed ExtremeReader, an interactive review summary explorer, to address these obstacles: 1) ExtremeReader generates both structured and abstractive textual review summaries that are easier to interpret. 2) It also allows users to explore and see explanations of these summaries by drilling down or up to the desired level of granularity.

ExtremeReader is the first system with these review summarization capabilities. It holds vast potential to transform how we interact with and understand user reviews at scale.


OpinionDigest: A Simple Framework for Opinion Summarization (PDF)
Yoshihiko Suhara*, Xiaolan Wang*, Stefanos Angelidis, Wang-Chiew Tan –
ACL 2020 (short paper) (to appear)
* Equal contribution

ExtremeReader: An Interactive Explorer For Customizable And Explainable Review Summarization (PDF)
Xiaolan Wang, Yoshihiko Suhara, Natalie Nuno, Yuliang Li, Jinfeng Li, Nofar Carmeli, Stefanos Angelidis, Eser Kindogan, Wang-Chiew Tan – WWW 2020 (demo) 


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