Author: Natalie Nuno

This blog post will peel back the layers of our KG building and learning platform,
January 9, 2024
We’d like to reflect on our collaborations and accomplishments as we wrap up the year.
December 27, 2023
We introduced new metrics to measure factual knowledge in LLMs, addressing the limitations of existing
December 12, 2023
We measured and analyzed various KG properties and described common/distinct structural patterns we observed in
December 11, 2023
Senior Technical Product Manager
December 4, 2023
We invite scholars, researchers, and practitioners to contribute their expertise and insights to the inaugural
November 15, 2023
Our experiments show ZETT advances state-of-the-art extraction accuracy while providing a conceptually simple and stable
October 31, 2023
Research Engineer
October 17, 2023
Get to know Chen Shen, Senior Research Engineer at Megagon Labs as he uncovers up
October 5, 2023
In the KnowledgeHub (KH) project, we exploit knowledge coming from many different sources (structured and
September 25, 2023