Author: Natalie Nuno

Summarizing Community-based Question-Answer Pairs

Megagon Labs researchers proposed a new CQA Summarization task focused on summarizing QA pairs in Community-based Question Answering. In addition, we developed a multi-stage annotation framework and created a benchmark CoQASum for the CQA Summarization task.

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Hybrid Active Learning for Low-Resource LM Fine-tuning

We identified two key designs that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of sample acquisition: random sampling reduces the unlabeled pool being considered for acquisition, and decouples the diversity and uncertainty objectives in hybrid acquisition. Based on an investigation of existing methods, we propose a novel active learning method: TYROGUE.

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Paraphrase Generation for Long Text

In this blog post, we will define the problem of paraphrasing. We will explain the challenges of document-level paraphrasing, especially in the business domain. These challenges include evaluation. Following this, we will briefly describe the results of the survey study, and identify key ideas.

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ACM SIGKDD 2022 Conference Highlight

The ACM SIGKDD conference is the premier forum for the advancement, education, and adoption of computer science, specifically for knowledge discovery and data mining. Get an inside view of what happened at this year’s conference.

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