Author: Makiko Shiino

With the rapid growth of online review platforms such as Yelp and Glassdoor, people are
November 5, 2021
Entity Matching (EM) Given two collections of entity entries, such as two tables of product
October 29, 2021
Every summer, Megagon Labs gets busy as we work with top talented interns from universities
October 17, 2021
Full Stack Software Engineer
September 9, 2021
Technical Program Manager
September 7, 2021
Research Engineer
September 7, 2021
Research Engineer
September 7, 2021
Since its establishment in 2016, Megagon Labs has conducted research in Natural Language Processing and
August 31, 2021
Entity Matching (EM) Entity Matching is an important task in the daily life of a
August 13, 2021
We propose Rotom, a multi-purposed data augmentation framework for training high-quality machine learning models while
August 10, 2021